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As a promotion agency with more than 25 years of experience within the music business, we have access to an extensive network of artists and managements. With our project "SAOL" bands and small labels have a completely new opportunity to distribute their products throughout Germany or if it is wanted throughout Europe or the whole world.


  • Noise lives!

  • It lives! After many noiseless years, BMG is bringing legendary Noise Records back to life! From now on, more and more great albums of the iconic German heavy metal label will find their way into the hands of the real metalheads. Noise has been an extraordinary brand, it’s so good to have it back!

  • Stages on Water…

  • …could be a brief description of our successful promotion and marketing work for top-events in music: since 2011 we are on board of the 70000 TONS OF METAL, creating a huge media response as the world’s biggest heavy metal cruise with 2000 crazy metalheads and 40 bands from all over the globe. In 2016, with our help, they returned from the Caribbean triumphantly for the sixth time, and just started chartering new top-acts for February 2017.

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