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RomuvoS’ Baltic Crusade goes on with the new single "Skuodas (1259)"


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The phrase that “History is told by the victors” is something everyone has surely stumbled across at some point. It might have been said by someone trying to sound clever; it might have been discussed or rather critically challenged at school. The message learned could probably be that of course both sides of the story have to be heard and that sometimes facts are not as clear as they might seem (if they made it into the books at all). Folk metal brigade RomuvoS claimed it their mission to bring the ancient practices and traditions of the Baltic people back to life. To make everyone hear their story, the story of The Baltic Crusade, the band has channelled it through a captivating blend of soaring vocals, distorted riffs and traditional instruments – all kept in check by massive walls built by a march-like bass and drum section that fans of good old Bathory will feel right at home with. After the recent release of Saule (1236), the first single from their upcoming album The Baltic Crusade (out June 26), they are now ready to bring on another chapter of the concept album’s epic story: Skuodas (1259). Singer Velnias explains the story behind it:

“The battle of Skuodas was a medieval battle fought in 1259 near the town Skuodas, in northwestern Lithuania, on the border with Latvia, during the Baltic crusade. The Samogitian pagan warriors started to execute offensive raids to Courland fighting the Livonian order and inciting rebellion, thereby making the Christian armies worry in all of Courland. After the Samogitian army’s invasion of Courland, led by Alminas, they encountered a Livonian force that ambushed them and attacked the pagan warriors. Alminas and the Samogitians managed to fend off the attack and even break the offensive force of the Livonians, killing more than 30 knights in that battle and forcing the remaining Livonian army to retreat. This victory inspired the Semigallians to rebel and stand against the Livonian order and the Christian knights. All this united the pagan tribes even more.”


The Baltic Crusade will be released on June 26th, 2020 through Dangus Records and can be pre-ordered as of now via https://orcd.co/thebalticcrusade – with the first single Saule (1236) as an exclusive Instant Gratification Track. You think the critically acclaimed series Vikings was a thrill ride that left you craving for more? Well, look no further as history is full of breathtaking surprises. The stories told by RomuvoS are certainly one of them!

 Pre-Order The Baltic Crusade now: https://orcd.co/thebalticcrusade