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RomuvoS Calling to Battle with Album Launch and Digital Fan Event on Facebook


Live on Facebook tonight, June 26th.

“Ride with glory, ride with might / Raise your swords, together we fight!” Today is the day that folk metal warriors RomuvoS prepared for when they announced the release of their third album The Baltic Crusade two months ago as the last and center stage of their epic summer 2020 quest. Now the day of the final battle is here. With highly immersive songs Skuodas (1259) and Saule (1236) released in a time that everyone was truly longing to escape from, fans now know exactly what awaits them. But the band has one more thing going on to celebrate the launch of their very own take on the Baltic Crusade with a bang – an album release listening party that’s set to happen today, Friday 26th, 20:00 – 21:30 (CET), on Facebook:


The official band announcement says: “RomuvoS are proud to invite all of our brothers and sisters to our 3rd album birthing party! (...) This will be a live stream of the full album with some commentary in between songs and special behind the scenes. Get your horns ready with mead, your plates with meat and your head to bang!!”

The Baltic Crusade is out now on all digital platforms: https://orcd.co/thebalticcrusade

The physical album release will follow later this summer.