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The Baltic Crusade

RomuvoS - "The Baltic Crusade"

ALBUM TITLE: The Baltic Crusade

GENRE: Folk Metal

LABEL: Dangus Records


The Baltic Crusade: On this work, the band have made it their mission to create an album deeply rooted in their own history, thematizing the Lithuanian Crusade portion of the Baltic Crusades, a series of battles taking place from 1236-1279 in the aftermath of the “great” crusades. During that time, the pagan Baltic warriors had to defend their homelands against forced Christianization by the Livonian Order branch of the Teutonic Knights. Each song of this epic concept album represents a specific battle, which makes it a great historical piece of time, telling the tale and immortalizing the legacy of the last pagans of Europe and their stand against the Christian invaders. And it’s not a small spoiler that it did not go too well for the Teutonic Knights. 

Taking the topic to the present, the band find relevance in these ancient happenings that can easily be applied to today’s modern world. The message can be heard loud and clear, as – in the same defiant spirit as their ancestors – the musicians proudly state: “Don’t bend your knee to no one, raise your horn with mead before a sword with blood, don’t be proud just because you were born to some race or status, but be proud of the things you get by hard work and challenging efforts, don’t just find your way, make one!”

The Baltic Crusade was mixed and mastered at Tidal-wave studios by Patrick Damiani and will be released through Dangus Records on June 26th, 2020. Join the fight!




1. Saule (1236)

2. Memel (1257)

3. Skuodas (1259)

4. Durbe (1260)

5. Pukarwis (1261)

6. Baltic Crusade

7. Lubawa (1263)

8. Karuse (1270)

9. Aizkraukle (1279)