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RomuvoS’ "Memel 1257" Video Hailing from Far North


In Your Face, Crusader!

While culture buffs around the world are looking forward to pushing south from Viking grounds in a certain, highly anticipated game this fall, cult folk metal masters RomuvoS continue on their very own trajectory staying up north in order to tell the awe-inspiring stories of the Baltic norsemen. And stories to tell there are many! Often overlooked in interregional history yet worth to mention is the fact that the thing we all love so much when it comes to all things Viking – the commonly shared cultural sphere of warriors as a defining element for what we used to perceive as the Scandinavian character – has actually emerged in times before the Viking age. From mutual raids to beliefs and communications all across the Baltic sea: Before you buy and play the game we’re all looking out for these days, mind that it was the eastern Baltic tribes that developed and perfected so many of the things you are going to discover on your adventure. Concrete, sharp insights into a branch of northern history that just started to get the attention of scientists that it deserves, can actually be re-lived, re-sung and re-felt thanks to RomuvoS’ brand new yet critically acclaimed Viking metal album The Baltic Crusade. Here’s their new music video Memel 1257, followed by historic facts coming straight from the band: yet another defining moment for the Baltic soul, best served cold.

"The song Memel 1257 is about the battle of Memel that took place in 1257, in the midst of the Baltic Crusade; one of many battles fought by the pagan warriors against the Christian knights. Once Alminas, who was the leader of the Samogitian tribe, heard that Mindaugs, king of Lithuania, wanted to transfer most of the Samogitian lands to the Livonian brothers of the sword, he started a resistance. The Memel castle was built by the German Christian knights, placed in a very strategic place, where the Dange river meets the Curonian lagoon, in the Curonian land. The Samogitian army, gathered of more than 1000 pagan warriors, raised against the Christian brothers of the sword, claiming back Memel castle and defeating once again the Christian knights. This battle was well organized by the Samogitians and was later on followed by a few more victories in later battles."

The Baltic Crusade is out now: https://orcd.co/thebalticcrusade

RomuvoS online: