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CMM GMBH is a PR, PROMOTION and MARKETING company for all things rock and metal. Based in Hanover, Germany, we spread the word about products and events, and help build brands – all over Europe. From planning and negotiating ad campaigns that get the most out of your budget to telling the story that will best frame your brand or product: We help you ramp up your relevance in the media and on the market.  


Communication: Tailor-made PR and Copywriting


QuoteCommunication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

Paul J. Meyer


Striking the right tone is our number one priority. Every topic is different and requires an individually coordinated, high-profile presentation. This is why we work closely with you to get to the heart of your product to find specific communication strategies for media and distribution. These ensure that product development, management and media are finely tuned. They encompass following areas:

Public Relations

Your product needs a distinctive story to convey in the media outside traditional forms of advertising. This is what creates relevance within the media by involving the user and providing something to experience. In practice, that means that we’ll filter the unique selling points and use them to create narrative press releases, news and product descriptions. We can also act as consultants for the presentation and communication with end customers, whether you are an artist yourself or you represent a label or a festival.


Our collective expertise in copywriting enables us to produce profound  and creative press, info and promotional texts in English and German, which are met with high acclaim by media outlets and their communities. A successful narrative is the stable foundation for rewarding PR and can ultimately add to the goal of reaching higher sales numbers. So if your awesome product needs public attention and love, we can evolve the perfect narrative framework for it.

Brand Communication

We define, form, convey and create DNAs for brands. We help to sharpen your profile and to strengthen and specifically communicate your image to the media as multipliers and to the consumers. The primary area for our brand communication is in the context of festivals or other special events, label or catalogue topics as well as both product and tour promotion.

Media Cultivation

We have the contacts – and the client profits! The close contact to our media partners and the inclusion and constant maintenance of our network through the provision of exclusive content, accreditations for concerts and festivals, press and interview coordination on-site, supports involvement and participation also with new topics. Our activities in the field of media cultivation underlie a holistic approach and influence all areas of communication – thereby, we also establish a valuable feedback channel for our media partners.




QuoteHard work is not a replacement for solid strategy.

Tracy Kroop


With more than 30 years of experience in marketing, PR and artist development, we assist and advise artists and product managers as well as festival organisers as consulting partners. A global network of media outlets, labels, managements and organizers allows us to assist you in strategically and creatively planning, developing and marketing your products. This includes both digital and physical products, festivals and tours as well as exciting hybrid projects from different sectors.

You’ll benefit from our expertise in product management, part of which stems from running our own label service SAOL, our excellent contacts with designers, photographers, web developers, pressing plants, and the sales-related structures provided by our long-time distribution partners H’Art for physical releases and The Orchard in the digital sector.





QuoteThe best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne


Product Promotion

The narrative framework for the product or project has been set, campaign goals are stated, and there’s a timeline to maintain: Following the launch, we work with you to find the right channels for the best possible reach and engagement. Print, online, radio/TV, club, and release events – with us, products will get the attention of your target demographic, and we’ll help you tap new audiences as well, all by generating reviews, features, interviews and airplays on a national and international level.
With this wide range of services and custom-tailored press work for content-driven promotion, our native pathways into the media landscape will open to you as well. Conventional promotion means can be used as ice-breakers upon request, which means that they’ll be embedded seamlessly into the strategy. Important budgeting note: Due to our close contacts with media partners, we’ll be able to negotiate attractive conditions for you.

Tour Promotion

Acting as a liaison between tour organizers, artists and local promoters, we strengthen bidirectional internal communication while keeping close contact with local and national media partners. We find the appropriate presenters, ensure an active involvement in your tour, and take care of regional and nationwide concert announcements in print, online and radio. We also coordinate accreditations, interviews and concert reviews – upon request in cooperation with local hosts – which further increases the success of our joint efforts.

Festival/Event Promotion

Precise communication and emphasis of unique selling points during initial press relations have become essential tools when it comes to assuring the success of events. As your partner in promotion and marketing we assist you in finding presenters and sponsors and with the marketing of targeted advertisements in print magazines, web and radio. Plus: With our editorial staff, we can even take on the duties of maintaining your web presence.

Using press support, planning, coordination and handling interviews on-site, we firmly tie our media partners into your event. Our credo: What goes around, comes around. What does this mean for a major event? Simply put, it means that everything we do follows from the brand DNA which we analyze or develop together with you, and from the specific ways people of your target region, the fans you cater to and the press corps think, feel and (re)act in.



SAOL – Service for Artist Owned Labels


QuoteYou can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.

Beth Comstock


So you’re done recording – but what’s next? We have the answer: our Service for Artist Owned Labels (SAOL). Founded in 2008 as a future-oriented full service package for artists who thrive to keep the independence in their decision-making, it has since set the standard for all around professional connectivity.

We write and tell your story, promote your release and manage the distribution of your product. If physical is your way to go, we help you get the manufacturing done. Planning, pressing, distributing, drawing promotion and marketing plans, writing press releases – whatever you need happens in a transparent way and, thanks to our consulting, based on your own informed decisions. And the best thing is: SAOL artists keep the rights to their creative output! We're open to discussing the process every step of the way, to helping you out whenever it's needed, and we'll write your story prior to initiating promotion and distribution through the CMM network. SAOL thus serves just like a full-fledged label by adding artist management and distribution to the CMM modules of consulting, copywriting, public relations and promotion. Sounds promising? Then check out the services we offer or directly contact our SAOL product manager.