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CMM GMBH is a PR, PROMOTION and MARKETING company for all things rock and metal. Based in Hanover, Germany, we spread the word about products and events, and help build brands – all over Europe. From planning and negotiating ad campaigns that get the most out of your budget to going full-on story mode for developing the best frame narrative for your brand or product: we help you ramp up your relevance in the media and on the market.  




QuoteCommunication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

Paul J. Meyer


To strike the right tone is our primary proposition. Every topic is different and requires an individually coordinated, high-profile presentation. Therefore, it is essentially important for us to get – in collaboration with our clients – to the heart of the products we market and hence derive specific communication strategies for media and distribution. These can be considered the necessary ‘transmission oil’ between product development, management and media and extend to the following areas:

Public Relations

To be covered in an exciting way by the media outside classic forms of advertising, a product needs a distinctive 'story' that creates relevance within the media by involving the user and provides something to experience. This means in practice: We filter the unique selling propositions and use them to create narrative press releases, news and product descriptions. By request we also advise artists, labels and festivals with regard to their self-presentation and communication with end customers.

Brand Communication

We define, form, convey and also create DNAs for brands. We help our clients to sharpen their profile and strengthen and specifically communicate their image to the media as multipliers and to the consumers. With us, brand communication primarily takes place in the context of festivals or other special events, label or catalogue topics and product as well as tour promotion.

Media Cultivation

We have the contacts – and the client profits! The close contact to our media partners and the inclusion and constant maintenance of our network through the provision of exclusive content, accreditations for concerts and festivals, press and interview coordination on-site, supports involvement and participation also with new topics. Our activities in the field of media cultivation underlie a holistic approach and influence all areas of communication – thereby, we also establish a valuable feedback channel for our media partners.




QuoteHard work is not a replacement for solid strategy.

Tracy Kroop


With more than 30 years of experience in marketing, PR and artist development, we assist and advise artists and product managers as well as festival organisers as consulting partners. A globally operating network of media, labels, managements and organizers enables us to assist our clients strategically and creatively with the planning, development and marketing of their products. Part of this are digital and physical products, festivals, and tours as well as hybrid projects from different sectors.

Our clients benefit from our expertise in product management – resulting for example from the work of our own label service SAOL – our excellent contacts with designers, photographers, web developers,  pressing plants, and the sales-related structures provided by our long-time distribution partners H’Art and Believe Digital in the physical and digital sector.  




QuoteThe best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne


Product Promotion

The narrative framework for the product or project has been set, campaign goals are formulated, and a timeline is to be cared of: After this start we find – in collaboration with our client – the suitable channels to gain the best possible effects regarding range and public effectiveness. Print, online, radio/TV, club, and release events – with us, products pierce the potential customers’ point of perception through the generation of reviews, features, interviews and airplays on a national and international level in the final phase of the creative campaign.

With this diversified offering of services and individually aligned press work for content based promotion we open native ways into the media scene for our clients. Conventional means of promotion are, by the client's request, used as ‘icebreakers’, and will strategically be fully included. Important budgeting note: Due to our closeness to our media partners, our advertising prices are among the lowest in the market.

Tour Promotion

As the link between centralized tour organizers and local promoters we do not only strengthen the bidirectional internal communication but also keep close contact with local and national media partners. We acquire the appropriate presenters, ensure the active involvement of the tour, and take care of regional and nationwide concert announcements in print, online and radio. We furthermore also coordinate accreditations, interviews and concert reviews – by request in cooperation with local hosts – and thereby increase the success of our joint efforts.

Festival/Event Promotion

The precise communication and emphasis of unique selling propositions in the course of initial press relations has become an essential tool when it comes to assuring the success of events. As a partner in promotion and marketing we assist our clients with the akquise of presenters and sponsors and the marketing of targeted advertisements in print magazines, web and radio and even offer the complete takeover of the web maintenance.

We also strengthen the close link to our media partners to the event via press support, planning, coordination and handling of interviews. Our credo: What goes around, comes around. What does this mean for a major event? Simply put, it means that we adjust our actions to the self-developed DNA of the brand, to the code of actions that is noticed by people of a region, by fans and, ideally, also by the ‘press corps’.


SAOL – Service for Artist Owned Labels


QuoteYou can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.

Beth Comstock


Your recordings are finished – so what’s next? We have the answer: Our Service for Artist Owned Labels (SAOL) was founded in 2008 as a future-oriented full service package for artists that want to stay independent with their decisions without forgoing a professional network.

The focus is on promotion and distribution of your product. We advise and accompany you on your way to a successful release. Pressing, the creation of promotion and marketing plans, the writing of press releases – by request we discuss every little step together with you, help you out whenever it's needed, and write your story, before the actual process of promotion and distribution through the CMM network has started. SAOL thereby outwardly serves as a full-fledged label and thinks of itself as a service package of the CMM modules of promotion, product and artist management as well as distribution. Sounds promising? Then check out the services we offer or directly contact our SAOL product manager.