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Pascal Cherouny – Guitar-Heavy Rock in true Led-Zep-like manner


Album Trek Amount: X announced + Single No Remedy out now

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Pascal Cherouny manages to capture the imagination of avid fans of The Who, Led Zeppelin or Van Halen and lovers of acoustic blues-, rock- and country songs alike. Following classic structures and arrangements in only a few of the album tracks, Cherouny impresses all the more with great variability in a wealth of his songs. Untainted by stereotypical sound targets he keeps the direction of his works aloof from worn-out rules and the limits they induce, making clear: this album is solely driven by the artist’s intention.

The rich musical variety presents itself blazoned with surprisingly emerging instrumentals – impelling rock drums carefully placed underneath acoustic guitar and hammond organ, epic ballads pillared by string sections and distorted guitars. It all seems to fall into place with ease for Cherouny, who even gives a wee bit more glitter to the term multifacetedness. His work is like a colorful tessellation of various genres that manages to come across as one solid piece despite all its versatility.

Initially launched on Bandcamp, the album will now be released worldwide on all established digital platforms. 

In his latest single No Remedy, Cherouny outlines the dramatics of toxic relationships. Armed with a delicate sense he writes about the impuissance in the face of misunderstandings and the blame game, about ill communication and mutual pain.

The musical counterpart however soars lightly and effortlessly and in a cheerful fashion, just like Spiderman taking off. An apparent contradiction immediately solved by the discernable touch of irony that erupts from a contagious sing-along chorus.

Check out the video here:


The Album "Trek Amount: X"



01. Australia
02. Cry For
03. The Only One
04. What She Gives
05. Teardrops Falling
06. Tornado
07. Good Bye
08. No Remedy
09. Within this Song
10. Back On Your Feet







Pascal Cherouny Online: