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Wasted Maniacs: Video single "Dirty Sarah" celebrates album release of "Attack Of The Pack"


Release Party!

Wasted Maniacs in their current lineup formed in early 2022 from the covid-19 pandemic rock band called Verflucht – three energetic, young-at-heart musicians who all carry their fondness for rock and metal from their youth. With a mixture of 70s rock, heavy metal, punk and modern thrash beats, Wasted Maniacs convey the feeling of real energy that is today much too often destroyed by the use of full backing tracks and automated synthesizers. Their recipe for rock 'n' roll is: drums, bass and a screaming guitar, coupled with dirty, recognizable vocals. The members are all in their thirties, fully engaged in life, and understand both their craft and the music business. Wasted Maniacs are focused on working and moving forward together. The band is united in their vision of music and is quick to agree on issues, resulting in a consistent, fast and efficient songwriting cycle so that new songs are created regularly and discarded if necessary when they don't fit into the overall Wasted Maniacs concept.

That's exactly how it was when the band worked on their now released album Attack Of The Pack, as the video single Dirty Sarah proves. The track has a special meaning for the band:
"It was the very first song we worked on with our drummer Kris on a rainy November evening in 2019 and the moment we decided to form a band, way before we came up with the concept Wasted Maniacs. We didn't want to write a pure love lyric and we don't think much of hypocritical declarations of love. This is not rock 'n' roll! We don't have a ballad on the album either, we don't feel like it yet. But at the end of the day, it's a love song. Dirty Sarah stands for a lost great love. It’s the girl you blindly chase after without realizing that the whole thing has no chance of a future. The one-night stand that turned your head. Almost every teenager has had that! In the end, after much hardship, our hero finds his girl. Whether they got together, however, that remains open." The video for the single goes one better: "Video-wise, we tell the whole thing from a different perspective. Dirty Sarah collects us little by little and makes us disappear in the trash bag. She is the huntress and has the power. This is a girl to watch out for!"

The debut album Attack Of The Pack by Wasted Maniacs will be released on September 01, 2023. The video for the single Dirty Sarah is now available on YouTube. For the album release on Saturday, there will also be a release party at Don't Panic in Essen, Germany. All info at: https://www.instagram.com/p/CtKRIW9KTml/

Get the album here: