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RADIO HAZE: New single from upcoming album Mountains including lyric video!


"Lay My Hopes Across The Sea"

Lay My Hopes Across The Sea is a song made to help the listener become afloat and piss off to somewhere better. And even though there’s rarely a better place waiting for the one who just escaped, the temporary act of being on the move alone often provides much desired ease and helps restoring any peace of mind previously lost. Sometimes, an escape to doesn’t pan out but turns into an escape from instead. More often however, the result of such a mind travel feels more like a round trip bringing no obvious change at all or, in the words of RADIO HAZE’s bass player and producer Hubi Hofmann: “A staggering feeling of itchy feet combined with the strong desire to just start over, to leave everything behind, probably just figuring out that the grass over there is of the same shades of green as it has been here all the time. Escapism 2.0?”

Just like the rest of the new album Mountains, the song has been played and recorded live in Hubi’s SLASH ZERO STUDIO. Only the vocals have been added later as an overdub.