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Infidus release album on Crime Records


Heavy Metal straight from Norway!

Norwegian metal outfit INFIDUS release new single on CRIME RECORDS!

Endless greed – the pitfall of humanity? Once, a necessity for survival and a primal trait coded into our genes. Today, it seems more like a toxic trait for humanity as a whole. Something ugly that must be curbed and hidden in the closet. A trait that feeds into the tragedy of commons.    

Infidus – the Norwegian/Swedish 5-piece – captures some dark messages with their debut album "Endless Greed". However, the musical landscape is diverse with heavy riff passages and catchy melody lines, and you will find a bold blend of classic rock and modern progressive metal.

The album’s second single “Locomotive” is out now on all streaming services – watch the brand new music video right here:



The album is available via Crime Records: https://infidus.crimerecords.no/

Source: Crime Records via cmm GmbH