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The Mighty One smashing The Rickshaw Theatre


Free live video My Garden now on YouTube!

The Mighty One are back with a bang! Nearing the end of a cultural megadrought that stretches painfully long particularly in the live sector, the Canadian powerhouse has finally entered the stage again. Introducing their massively heavy rock with a fistful of metal to a mixed metal and mariachi audience in a recent virtual live show hosted from Vancouver’s iconic The Rickshaw Theatre, the band took back home an insanely powerful live recording of My Garden, one of the true headbangers on their latest album Torch Of Rock And Roll. Lead guitarist Dave Padden (Ex Anihilator) himself has carefully mixed and mastered the recording to carry over the crisp yet musical sound signature of this culturally historic location. Enjoy this harbinger of all the awesomeness to come here and now!

The whole gig will be released as Live Mariachi Sessions later this year.