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Memories Of A Time To Come

Blind Guardian - "Memories Of A Time To Come"

ALBUM TITLE: Memories Of A Time To Come

GENRE: Power Metal


ARTIST: Blind Guardian

COUNTRY: Germany

"Memories Of A Time To Come", the ultimate collection of BLIND GUARDIAN music from 1987 to 2011, will be released on January 20, 2012 via Virgin/EMI. It will be available as a double CD, three-CD deluxe limited edition, including the band's demo recordings when they were called LUCIFER'S HERITAGE, and as download.




1. Imaginations from the Other Side*
2. Nightfall*
3. Ride into Obsession*
4. Somewhere far Beyond*
5. Majesty*
6. Traveler in Time*
7. Follow the Blind*
8. The Last Candle*

CD 2

1. Sacred Worlds (Original Version)
2. This Will Never End*
3. Valhalla**
4. Bright Eyes*
5. Mirror Mirror*
6. Bard Song – Forest**
7. Bard Song – Hobbit**
8. And then there was Silence**

CD3 (Limited Edition only)

1. Brian***
2. Halloween (The Wizard’s Crown)***
3. Lucifer’s Heritage***
4. Symphonies Of Doom***
5. Dead Of The Night***
6. Majesty
7. Trial By The Archon
8. Battalions Of Fear
9. Run For The Night
10. Lost In The Twilight Hall
11. Tommyknockers
12. Ashes To Ashes
13. Time What Is Time
14. A Past And Future Secret
15. The Script For My Requiem

*Remix 2011
**New Recording 2011
***Reworked 2011