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Nashville’s rock‘n’roll pride THE TIP stream their latest album "Sailor’s Grave" in full


THE TIP are about to release their latest album "Sailor’s Grave" in Europe (on September 29th through SAOL) and now streaming it in full on this special occasion.

If the magical formula “sex, drugs and rock’n’ roll” still means something to you, you will definitely not be disappointed by these four Nashvillian devils’ back-to-the-roots music and attitude!

Naughty ladies and not-so-gentlemen! In order to celebrate in style the European release of their latest album "Sailor’s Grave", the American enfants terribles of The Tip are as of now streaming it in full and for free on Soundcloud.

Turn the volume up to the maximum before you start blasting this electric shock of an album, because The Tip's music just can never be too loud!

You can get the orgy started by clicking the player below:



You’re right, this is the raw sound fallen angels and demons fornicate to deep down in rock’n’ roll heaven! To make this unholy pleasure last longer, go pick your copy when this crazy record hits the stores on September 29th.