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Osyron: Album "Momentous" Announced + New Video Single


Beyond the Sun Out Now / Upcoming Album Momentous Announced

Their powerful lyrics are based deep in Canadian history, delivered through their complex melodies and soaring clean vocals of progressive symphonic metal – all this has brought them a strong and growing fanbase in their home country and beyond: European fans will know the up- and coming quintet Osyron through their critically acclaimed albums Foundations (July 2020) and Kingsbane (2017, re-released as a Deluxe Edition in May 2021). Together, the albums spent 24 weeks with 37 appearances on the Canadian charts.

Inspired by their prior successes, Osyron have started to work on a new album in 2021, taking the modern and progressive sound and feel that they have created with Foundations and pushing it even further. The outcome is what the band feels is their strongest album to date: The first single Dominion Day took an impressive stand on that, landing on the Spotify editorial “All New Metal” playlist, which leads OSYRON to be even more proud to present Momentous. The brand new album will be released on November 4th 2022 on all major streaming platforms. This announcement comes with the release of the auspicious second single Beyond the Sun, making it 100% clear how Osyron have once again put their hearts and souls into the creative progress: It’s impossible to not hear and feel the devotion they have invested in their new music.

Beyond the Sun is yet another piece of high quality progressive music from the Canadian quintet, both epic and catchy with dynamic clean vocals, blended with powerful growling, delivered in a way that just leaves you craving for more. Flowing guitar sounds, dominant yet beneficial basslines and perfectly paced drums all add to the immersive experience, completed by a songwriting that seems to have gotten even stronger with every album: Lyrically, Osyron have always found strong, meaningful subjects to write about.

Beyond the Sun really lives up to its name by going beyond and viewing life on a bigger scale, as the band explains: “More or less a love song, Beyond the Sun is about the ‘larger than life feeling’ of finding someone you belong with. Attributing the passion and emotions to that feeling of being beyond our galaxy, and beyond our sun.”

As another album created during the COVID-19 pandemic, Momentous resonates with the listener in many ways; leaving space to relate to the poetic themes and incredibly touching lyrics. Momentous explores our everyday life struggles by going beyond the difficulties and viewing them from different perspectives, mirroring recent times’s battles during the pandemic with all the pain and misery suddenly breaking into our lives, putting some heavy obstacles in the way. Listening to Momentous feels like Osyron just wrote a piece of concerned literature on how we managed to deal with all of that - wrapped up in a compelling musical form.

Momentous by Osyron will be released on November 4th, 2022 and it’s ready for pre-order here: