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Just Doin‘ It

Status Quo - "Just Doin‘ It"

ALBUM TITLE: Just Doin‘ It



LABEL: Warner

ARTIST: Status Quo


They are the kings of Boogie – and they rock just like they ever did!  As a doctor diagnosed a tumour at the vocal chords of Rick Parfitt in  the christmas time 2005, the STATUS QUO-fans feared the worst.
But fortunately the tumour was benign and the guitarist is fine  again! Therefore the 12.000 people in the NEC in Birmingham were very  happy on may 21st this year, as STATUS QUO went on stage and played an  almost two hours concert with all their classic hits: ´Caroline´, ´Don´t  Waste My Time´, ´Roll Over Lay Down´, ´Down Down´ and even ´Gerdundula´  up to ´The Party Ain´t Over Yet´ were resurrected. Not less than 20  white Marshall-Amplifier-Towers provided a roaring sound, an extra class  stage setting and an audience in high spirits.

“Just Doin´ It” is the fitting title of the full-length live  recording of this great concert. And it is not just a statement to the  often cited “Rock´n´Roll will never die”, it is also the first official  live release of the band from London after 15 years! Beside the  recording of the power concert “Just Doin´ It” also contains some  special features which give a little insight to the world of STATUS QUO:  A nearly 20 minutes documentation including interviews with every  member of the band, the promo video for last year´s single “The Party  Ain´t Over Yet” and a photo gallery, whose pictures were completely  taken by the fans during the Birmingham-Show. The subtitles can be shown  in five languages, including German.
“Just Doin´ It” is also published as a very limited edition in a  luxurious clamshell box packaging, which also contains a live audio CD  with 14 songs, an extensive 60 pages booklet, a poster and a lot of  other gimmicks.