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New Model Of Disbelief

LEACH - "New Model Of Disbelief"

ALBUM TITLE: New Model Of Disbelief

GENRE: Thrash, Melodic Death, Hardcore


LABEL: SAOL/The Orchard




Markus Wikander - Guitar, Vocals
Joachim Dahlström - Drums
Robert Karlsson - Guitar
Tobias Oja - Bass

Scandinavian power quartet LEACH is closing in for a kill with a masterpiece of – quite literally – punching thrash/death'n'roll, their next album New Model Of Disbelief. With three full length releases and one EP already under their belts, the guys have certainly established LEACH in the Scandi music scene. They’ve redefined the internationally cherished Swedish sound by merging elements of the iconic Gothenburg scene with that special aggressiveness of northern hardcore, while mixing in a good measure of old-school Stockholm death. Defining attributes of their work are electrifying and exciting smash songs with groovy twists – picture a blood-thirsty, melody-hungry bastard child of Entombed and Exodus, two of the band’s biggest, long-lasting influences.

LEACH's fourth album New Model Of Disbelief will be released digitally and as CD and LP on April 19, 2024. Christian Silver at Studiomega (Sepultura, Kreator, Soilwork), who already took great care of the band’s previous record Lovely Light of Life, acted as the driving force in terms of recording, mixing and mastering once again. Make sure to pre-save the new record here: https://orcd.co/leach and don’t forget to toss the first single Gone To Waste on the playlist of your choice: https://orcd.co/gonetowaste 


1. Gone To Waste
2. Under Siege
3. Slice Of Life
4. All Rise
5. Pulse Of A Revolution
6. Nocebo
7. Throw The Torch
8. Chemical God
9. Apathetic