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N.M.A. release video for "Whatever"


First single from upcoming debut album (release: May 31) out now!

Album production finished, release event scheduled, band-owned label up and running – what else was there to do for a self-made band like the Swiss thrash metal power trio N.M.A.? Correct – it was then time for them to create a video clip for their first single on their own: Idea, script, location, organisation, filming and editing have all done by singer and bass player Denise. Drummer Rob, with a wink (and possibly under the influence of a few beers), suggested the song Whatever simply because “it’s the shortest track on the album”. The process itself though wasn’t that simple but a special and, most of all, enjoyable experience for the two and guitarist Greg – and it was one with very gratifying results, as Denise explains: "It was a long way from initial idea to finalisation, but I think that we learned about the full creative process quite nicely, combining a mixture of old and new styles. We wanted to make a clip that would entertain our fans and friends. Shooting it was an entirely new experience for everyone and brought us together for a long, hard day in Alsace, France, but it was also a lot of fun.” 


And in the end, these are the remarkable features of up-and-coming underground bands like N.M.A.: Stated goals always in focus, ready to try anything. Their biggest potential lies in their unbreakable commitment and ambition. There is no stronger bond than the one between a group of friends with a vision: writing and recording their own songs, sharing experiences, shooting in picturesque places and doing what they love. Big record label executives with their unyielding rules and restrictions? Soulless, scripted music videos with tedious production schedules? Whatever!

N.M.A.'s self-titled debut album N.M.A. featuring Whatever will be released on May 31 via the band-owned label RoBnRoll Records. To celebrate this, N.M.A. will have a release party in Komplex Klub Zurich, CH, on June 1. More regional, national and international live activities are planned for the following months.


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