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The Killing II

Zero Theorem - "The Killing II"


FORMAT: Digital



ARTIST: Zero Theorem


About Zero Theorem and the story of The Killing (I + II)

There are stories that extend themselves to a greater cause. Dystopian tales are told of technological and political perils. Fantastical epics inspire hope and wonder in the face of great hardship. Then, there are bands that endeavor to unite them all. 

Los Angeles-based Zero Theorem blends hard rock and modern metal with a dark science fiction aesthetic. In 2018, the independent release of the band's debut EP, ATARAXIS, brought early comparisons to Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch and marked the start of a quest for a unique musical and artistic expression. Now, the quintet and producer Kane Churko (In This Moment, Hellyeah, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach) return with their upcoming two-part installment, THE KILLING, and push further into newfound sonic and textural realms of possibility.

In addition to the newer sound, Zero Theorem offers a lot to uncover lyrically. Vocalist Caesar explains: "The main theme of THE KILLING is the stripping away of all pretenses. For us, music offers a space for both contemplation and catharsis. The album as a whole represents a kind of reflection or struggle that requires pain and loss but culminates in the birth of a better self." There's also a recognition of our interconnectedness, for better or worse, on multiple fronts, and at times a brutal honesty about it." Caesar continues: “We're all in this together, and each of us has a place in the monstrosity of it all.  Under certain conditions, there's just no escaping the inherently violent nature of life itself.  It's going to get you one way or another. It's kill or be killed.”

The first single released off the album is an epically melodic and hard-hitting rhythmic track infused with a hefty shot of futurism and Caesar's confrontational takedowns. The track is titled YOU and is quintessential Zero Theorem. In the accompanying video, director David Brodsky depicts an apocalyptic and inter-dimensional dreamscape while cutting between the Mojave Desert and the stars above, a vision highlighting the song's lyrical warning of impending doom and the band’s love of science fiction as a whole.

Caesar concludes: “Many of today’s social and global issues are heading to a point of no return. YOU is about the lack of empathy and conscience making matters worse. The song pointedly admonishes those who ignore suffering or danger until personally affected, but it can also be heard as a call to action. In some cases, we are only as strong or viable as our collective will. Without each other, the individual perishes.”



1. Translucent (2:58)

2. Joke (2:48)

3. The Future (2:50)

4. Swarm (3:57)

5. Waiting (3:51)