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Underlining the admonitory nature of the Wreckages of the Past

Italian and Slovenian groove/nu metal outfit ONCE WAS NEVER once again upped the ante with their new single Wreckages of the Past, referring to the fatal human tendency to repeat the mistakes of times gone by. Heavy vocals of astonishing range and a hailstorm of drums mirroring the cries of Ghosts from the past [...] revealing the pain, mourning and warning, beseeching the next generation to fight what doomed them; to stand up for solidarity, tolerance and humaneness. The band sums up what the song is all about: “With the rise of ethical impatience and hatred, we are facing an increasingly unstable political situation. With this song we want to remind people what the consequences of intolerance can be. Repeating the mistakes from the past will only lead us to misery.”

Wreckages of the Past is the second single leading up to Once Was Never’s upcoming album The Great Dying, following Just A Number, which has hit the moribund zeitgeist of today’s society wellJust A Number raised the issue of whether, in these times of imbalance, we are capable of humanity and dignity at all anymore – a question that has been silently plaguing the masses. With their philosophical lyricism, delivered in haunting guttural vocals over sharp-edged riffs and ferocious blast beats, the band takes modern issues head on. The innumerable reasons why many consider the world today to be fubar are not lost on the group hailing from Slovenia and Italy: “Society plays a major part in our lyrics. We look at the collective experience of current global situations as well as individual struggles and all the aspects that may come with it.” And yet, their songs are calls to action rather than remaining mired in despondent navel gazing. 


The Great Dying by ONCE WAS NEVER will be out on May 27th, 2022.