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Ramrods Release Second Album


Bracelet Circus Out Now! 

After their Debut Love is the Answer, BRACELET CIRCUS is more than just RAMRODS once more proving their prowess as one of Germany's most innovative and variable rock acts – it’s filled to the brim with ideas and top-notch songwriting. The range of styles on their debut release – lauded to be of 'international stature' for its effortless blend of heavy riffs, catchy melodies and psychedelic sounds – is expanded even further on BRACELET CIRCUS. Still inspired by such idols as The Beatles, Pretty Things and Led Zeppelin, RAMRODS have been venturing into new terrain in the studio. You'll find classic Rock'n'Roll interwoven with medieval instruments, soul and R&B, with performances by real brass players and a choir. Poignant ballads as haunting as they are minimalistic. Country rock and 60s original sounds merging seamlessly. Powerful songs, each one emblazoned with a brilliant guitar solo.

BRACELET CIRCUS is a self-contained and homogeneous opus and thus definitely a statement piece in a time when streaming and individual single releases have become the norm everywhere, including rock. A time which sees young bands thriving as near-exact decals of old heroes while the greats are struggling to reach former highs. Luckily, you don’t need to look far for good songwriting: BRACELET CIRCUS delivers on its promises in all parts. All different, no filler. That’s why the band strongly recommend all fans to “listen to the whole album from beginning to end. Some of the best ideas come close to the end. We try to do things in the studio that we can´t do live – and vice versa. We feel that we’ve come up with some really good songs here – and with great guitar work and a lot of passion.”

And the band also gives some background info about what’s behind the album title:
“When we had finished the recording sessions, our final producer Nel Gerome dissuaded us from calling the album Love Is All You Need. He suggested: ‘Just combine passages of your favourite songs.’ So we took Bracelets of Fingers and Cries from the Midnight Circus (both from The Pretty Things) and BRACELET CIRCUS was born.”

RAMRODS are going to play as many shows as possible this summer – opening for Fury in the Slaughterhouse and Selig, among others. Just in time for the album release, the band’s website got a complete overhaul. And there’s more great news for the fans: BRACELET CIRCUS won’t be the RAMRODS’ last output; a third album is already being planned.

The album is now available here: