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GoatHell Metal Fest under inquisition: 10 times Q+A!


We asked six of the amibitous seven about their expectations for the upcoming second iteration of this extraordinary open air festival.

GoatHell Metal Fest 2019 is drawing near, July 4th to July 7th to be precise. We asked six of the ambitious seven who started it as a fan project a few years ago, about their expectations for the upcoming second iteration of this extraordinary open air festival. Mladen, Ksenija, Ivan, Darko, Mario and Andrea are bursting with dedication and excitement but most of all, they’re eager to meet fans from all across Europe – and, hopefully, beyond. Only Eric escaped our clutches this time – makes one beer on site then. Anyway, here’s the results of our little interrogation:

1. GoatHell 2019 is coming closer. What are you especially looking forward to?
Mladen: "As usual, to meeting old and new friends, to watching great bands, to feeling the festival atmosphere (most important to me) and to saying: We did it!"
Ksenija: "Honestly? Everything. The hopefully bigger crowd, the energy of the visitors, good bands, making new friends and especially, sharing good music with them. Most of all, I look forward to new experiences which will allow us to learn more and make our festival even better."
Ivan: "Well in short...everything...to see familiar faces again, see old friends, to feel that special energy called brotherhood in the air!!! We are all here because of one thing and that is METAL!!!"
Darko: "Familiar people, and new faces to see. Positive about new people, indeed, and new bands to hear. To be part of something new in Pula, something positive for all of us!"
Mario, Andrea: "To stay alive!

2. What will be different at GoatHell 2019 than last year?
Mladen: "This year we will have more bands, more exhibitors at our exhibition, visitors will be able to try out and buy some musical equipment, bands will have the opportunity to meet and make deals with a marketing agency specialized in bands and events, to make deals with one of the biggest merchandise distributors in the world etc… I think you will see the improvement at every step."
Ksenija: "We are working on maintaining the things that worked well last year, and upgrade where we possibly lacked. We started making our little festival as green as possible, so we will try and make it even more so. Plus we will have more bands, more exhibitions and artists exhibiting, more of the side festival content, etc..."
Ivan: "We have prepared more shows and more stands for visitors. Maybe the position of the stage and some other stuff have changed..maybe not...well you'll just have to come and see for yourself."
Darko: "Point of view....we learn and grow, this is what we must do best this year."
Mario, Andrea: "More people, better organisation."

3. Besides the festival grounds, what’s your favourite place in Pula? Do you have a (funny) story about it? Maybe some of your early adopters would like to stop by and see who’s hanging out…
Mladen: "Rock Bar Mimoza, definitely! It's our living room, our debate room, where we talk about music, the metal scene, concerts, bands, and it’s of course where we make plans."
Ksenija: "Oh, this is a hard one. Pula is so full of beautiful places, it is hard to choose only one. But if I had to, I'd go with the various Austro-Hungarian fortresses and bunkers. One of them, the Munida Fort, takes hiking and climbing a steep hill to reach a somewhat post-apocalyptic temple-like building, half destroyed by a bomb - but preserved in its ruiny state. If you feel like putting on your Indiana Jones - or better yet, Istriana Jones hat, take a tour. You won't be disappointed! Cool selfies guaranteed."
Ivan: "Favorite place for me would be Club Uljanik, where I first started to go out and where I meet most of my friends and have started a lot of great friendships and relationships...and Rock Bar Mimoza which is a must go place if you are in Pula and you like good music – and where you will have a great time for sure!"
Darko: "Rock Bar Mimoza...in years past has been host to Disinfect, a German grind band with members of Fleshcrawl and Belphegor. The drummer was injured at the beach because he stepped on a bunch of hedgehogs. He was injured but the gig was awesome, like AK47. Great memories."
Mario: "Night Bar Mimoza, where I hang with my friends and colleagues. There are too many funny stories to tell, everyday is a different story! Drop by and you will see what I'm talking about."
Andrea: "The culture centre Rojc always brings out good memories to me. You should visit the place where almost all of Pula's underground music was born."

4. What should by no means be missing in the luggage of a GoatHell visitor and why?
Mladen: "Good will!! Everything else will be available at GoatHell Metal Fest."
Ksenija: "Sunscreen, sun glasses, beach footwear and good humor. Why? Sun, beach and good times! Duh!"
Ivan: "Sun cream and swim shorts! Come and see for yourself!"
Darko: "Good sense of humor, sun cream, and most of all....good will. We adore good metal people."
Mario, Andrea: "Just good will, the rest is easy to find anywhere."

5. What should by all means be missing in the luggage of a GoatHell visitor, and why?
Mladen: "Bad mood and worries. After all, we are here to remove such things!"
Ksenija: "Problems. Leave your problems at home. You won't be needing them here."
Ivan: "Worries! No place for that at GoatHell!!! Just pure fun!!!"
Darko: "Be cool and relax...we are here to make your holiday a fulfilling one."

6. What’s special about Croatian festivals?
Mladen: "People are hospitable, prices are affordable, and nature and experiences are priceless!"
Ksenija: "Hard to say, as there haven't been many and not a lot remained, but I'd certainly say that the good hospitality and wide touristic content in general is always present."
Ivan: "Most of the festivals are located near the beautiful Croatian sea and beaches where visitors can truly enjoy their festival and holiday."
Darko: "Sea nearby, plenty of fun during the day, and pleasant people. Also, good alcohol and food for having good times."


7. The festival has just been opened. What’s the first thing you’re gonna do?

Mladen: "Once again, make sure everything is in place and order. After that, enjoy watching others having a great time, and enjoy it with them."
Ksenija: "Take our reusable, recyclable GoatCup cups and fill them with our favorite drink, then just dive into a mass of happenings!"
Ivan: "First thing I'm going to do is double-check that everybody is on their position and everything is ready to go. And I will make sure everybody is enjoying their stay."
Darko: "Make sure everyone has everything they need – for a good time of all arrivals, from bands to visitors."
Mario, Andrea: "We will also make sure that everything is in order and that everybody's having a good time!"

8. What’s the first thing you are going to do once the festival is over?
Mladen: "First, I will make sure everything is okay and that everyone is satisfied. After that, I will rest, but only physically. Because I know my brain will start analyzing this year and work out plans for the next one."
Ksenija: "Clean. But, not a lot, we're striving to be a green festival. It means less garbage for us to collect and safer, cleaner nature once we've prepared it for the next year."
Ivan: "First greet all the visitors, wish them a safe return home and that we see them next year. After that, I will slowly start disassembling the festival and get some well deserved rest."
Darko: "Sleep"
Mario, Andrea: "Take a swim and rest!"

9. What headline would you like to read in a big newspaper about GoatHell after the festival?
Mladen: "Extra, extra! Read all about it! Pula and Istria are a great new destination for metalheads and definitely have their place on the world metal map!!"
Ksenija: "GoatHell Metal Fest, the newest must-see festival to put on your wishlist for next year!"
Ivan: "GoatHell 2019 exceeded all expectations, everybody's impatiently awaiting the new lineup for GoatHell 2020!!!"
Mario: "A great festival with the best view ever!"
Andrea: "Festival of good vibes and nice people!"

10. What would be your dream-headliner for GoatHell that’s impossible to get for now?
Mladen: "Napalm Death! Because they were my inspiration while I was in a band, and I practically grew up with their music."
Ksenija: "Ohhh. Ummm. Hmmm. Yeah. A hard one. One of my all time favs are Jinjer. We already had them. So... I dunno, I would like to see some bands again, this time on my festival. Some of them would be Soilwork and Avatar."
Ivan: "There are more than one, so for me it would be unfair towards them to mention just one."
Darko: "Heh...my dream? Personally: Paradise Lost, my friends will know. Huge fan."
Mario, Andrea: "Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Slipknot, Sepultura"

Time for your personal shout-out to the fans!
Mladen: "Join us at GoatHell Metal Fest! Enjoy the sun and the sea, our cultural heritage, good food and drinks, and above all, great bands! Discover new and beautiful places and enjoy GoatHell Metal Fest!"
Ksenija: "Stop fooling around, pack your sunglasses, flip-flops, and pit gear, brush your hair and put on your metal gear, then come and join us on the best festival around. Great music, art, and overall FUN awaits you!"
Ivan: "Leave all your problems and worries at home, lock them in the box: Come, relax, meet new friends and enjoy the sound we all love so fucking much and that brings us together and helped us go through so much shit in our lifes!! I'm sure, when you come home and open that box, the problems and worries will be much smaller than at the time you locked them!"
Darko: "Thank you, but really THANK YOU for every post on Facebook, for every shoutout on the internet, for coming to our festival. Every guest is worthy, every person is important. You made our and your dreams come true! THANK YOU and see you in July for the second GoatHell Metal Fest!"
Mario: "Leave your problems behind, come to enjoy the sun, the sea and metal with your brothers!"
Andrea: "Come and join our growing metalhead family and see by yourselves why it is going to be more than just a festival or a vacation: It's going to be Goat fucking Hell!!!"