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Cabrakaän release documentary film "Journey to Aztlán"


A metal journey into Aztec history!

The Mexican-Canadian folk metal artists Cabrakaän refine rough metal with the sound of their ancestors. Their new album Aztlán tells of the era of Spanish colonization and slavery in Mexico, which provided the musical fabric of the country with threads of African and Spanish folklore. "Aztlán" is called the home of the Aztecs, though its location remains a mystery to this day. By using historical Mexican instruments, the musicians transform the genre of folk metal into a diverse, open field. One example for this is how prehispanic sound artifacts were rediscovered by researcher Agustin Garcia Reyes (an expert on the history of Mesoamerica), recreated and personally presented on the album.

Cabrakaän now let us take a look behind the scenes of their album production with the just released documentary Journey to Aztlán, which strikes the balance of cultural cohesion and the much needed break with the conventions of Eurocentric folk metal.
The documentary dives deep into a world between Aztec culture and the modern way of life. What makes it so special for the inquisitive culture nerds among us metalheads, is the sometimes challenging journey of the people behind the mysterious name Cabrakaän, which is documented in the film. In order to help their ancient cultural heritage to a renaissance free of resentment and restrictions by means of 21st century heavy metal, and to reach a worldwide audience, the band migrated to Canada. This resulted in a moving, self-told musical story of exploration and discovery, learning and deep friendship. The band notes: "Mexico is a land of contrasts and nuances that enchants: a deeply rooted, ancient land." Impressive images tell of the legacy of ancient folklore through sound, visuals, and the spoken word.

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