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Jen Majura: new album teaser and insane reaction video for InZENity!


Interested in some musical madness to fight off the leady ponderousness of normality? 

Longing for a ray of light to always guide you home during our god-awful winter time? There’s help around the corner! JEN MAJURA – loopy, happy sunshine and Evanescence guitar goddess in one – is just about to get off the starting blocks with her second record InZENity, a higgledy-piggledy winter stew of metal madness that’s pretty ace even by her own standards. Good medicine for everyone who wants their summer back right now and forever! To bridge the gap to Vice Christmas Eve on November 24, here are two funny videos: one featuring a bouncy Jen talking about the endeavor that led to InZENity (and music!) and one showing her buddies from Rage, Therion, Destruction, Kissin’ Dynamite and Doro being caught at trying InZENity out for the first time. C’mon everybody: How do you know that a reaction vid is good? Right, there’s gotta be WTF’s in it!