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OSYRON Release Video for The Cross


... and much more to come in 2021

After releasing their critically acclaimed EP Foundations last year, Canadian force OSYRON keeps on treating their fans with some very special releases. The song The Cross from said EP has now got it’s own, well-deserved music video with hauntingly atmospheric sceneries and a captivating performance.

Commenting on the song’s fascinating and once again historical topic, the band says: "Looking back on colonialism and extreme religious expansion, the early foundations of a civilized Canada began with widespread colonization by the European superpowers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Large populations of both English and French settlers found themselves amongst a free run, 'lawless society' of First Nation sub-groups, which gave way to a ruthless chess match of assimilation and warfare; while unfortunately bringing both together many times. This song reflects on how both religion and early extreme nationalism played a role in the branding of an ethnic group of people that were caught off guard by what was to come over the next 4 centuries."

And Osyron are not only expanding the Foundations experience, they are also preparing for another awesome release to be out this spring. If that ain’t something to look forward to! Throw your history books aside, grab some headphones and listen to OSYRON!

OSYRON Online: