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Good Morning, How Did You Live?

Cryptex - "Good Morning, How Did You Live?"

ALBUM TITLE: Good Morning, How Did You Live?

GENRE: Progressive Folk Rock



ARTIST: Cryptex

COUNTRY: Germany

CRYPTEX – the smiling madness! A bit of Woodstock, flower power and gospel, some TOOL, a sound that is smiling, swearing and living, lots of surrealism, amazing songs and charisma.

Apart from ambition and confidence, both important characteristics for a band, CRYPTEX stands out due to another characteristic: They are progressive folk rock musicians who have searched and found their own distinctive style! In their songs they experiment with an extensive “chemistry set” of music. The result is an impressive and highly explosive mixture of rock, alternative with slight folk attitude and prog-art of the old kind. „Good Morning, How Did You Live?“ will be released on March 25th via SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution. 16 songs with a total playinf time of 56 minutes.

Cryptex cover art


01. Intro
02. Hicksville, Habitus And Itchy Feet
03. Dance Of The Strange Folk
04. Freeride
05. Bagheera
06. It's Mine
07. Gypsy's Lullaby
08. Camden Town
09. Leviathan
10. The Big Easy
11. Mom
12. Alois
13. Most Lovable Monster
14. Grief And Despair
15. A Colour Called Gently
16. Outro