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Live Insurrection - Remastered

Halford - "Live Insurrection - Remastered"

ALBUM TITLE: Live Insurrection - Remastered

GENRE: Heavy Metal

LABEL: Metal God Entertainment


ARTIST: Halford


There are plenty of reasons why Rob Halford is widely referred to as "The  Metal God“, as few others have contributed as much to the sound and image of Heavy Metal as he did. After leading Judas Priest for nineteen years, Rob left the band in 1992. By summer of the same year Rob Halford formed FIGHT - a powerful, dynamic group that introduced a new cutting-edge sound for the Metal genre – before finally, after a detour with TWO, founding his own band HALFORD.



DISC  1 :

01.  Resurrection 
02.  Made In Hell 
03.  Into The Pit 
04.  Nailed To The Gun 
05.  Light Comes Out  Of Black 
06.  Stained Class   
07.  Jawbreaker  
08.  Running Wild 
09.  Slow Down 
10.  The One You Love To Hate (Featuring Bruce Dickinson) 
11.  Life In Black 
12.  Hell's Last Survivor 
13.  Sad Wings
14.  Savior  
15.  Silent Screams

DISC  2 :

01.  Cyber World 
02.  Hellion 
03.  Electric Eye 
04.  Riding On  The Wind
05.  Genocide
06.  Beyond The Realms Of Death 
07.  Metal Gods 
08.  Breaking The Law 
09.  Blackout (Featuring Rudolf Schenker) 
10.  Tyrant 
11.  Screaming In The Dark 
12.  Heart Of A Lion  
13.  Prisoner  Of Your Eyes