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Out Through The In Door

Vanilla Fudge - "Out Through The In Door"

ALBUM TITLE: Out Through The In Door

GENRE: Rock 'N' Roll


LABEL: Escapi


ARTIST: Vanilla Fudge


It was 1967 when no less than Ahmet  Ertegun signed VANILLA FUDGE to Atco Records. Their first single was a  cover of the hit-single „You Keep Me Hanging On“ of The Supremes. In the  year after that huge success, the single climbed up to position 6 of  the Billboard Charts. The first full length album, entitled „Vanilla  Fudge“, had been released in the same year, followed by a headliner tour  through the USA. Their second full length album "The Beat Goes On“ as  well as their masterpiece „Renaissance“ had both been put onto the  market in 1968, this time followed by a tour with all-time heros like  Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. In December 1968, the Jeff Beck Group  should have been the opener for VANILLA FUDGE, but they had to cancel  their appearances, but a substitute had quickly been found: Led Zeppelin  was a new band from England, and their record company wanted them to  tour the US before the release of their first album. The almighty Led  Zeppelin were opener for VANILLA FUDGE, whose next album „Near The  Beginning“ was released at the beginning of 1969. In September, the last  album of VANILLA FUDGE, „Rock & Roll“, had been released. Their  cometlike rise ended here. VANILLA FUDGE split up in 1970, and let their  fans wait 12 years for a reunion. At the same time, a "Best Of Vanilla  Fudge" compilation was released, and in 1984, the band released a  reunion album called „Mystery“. Another nine years later, the VANILLA  FUDGE compilation „Psychedelic Sundae“ was released at Rhyno Records.  And now, VANILLA FUDGE will release their first studio album in 23  years. „Out Through The In Door“ is a homage to Led Zeppelin, the band  which was opener for them about 40 years ago. It all goes in circles...