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SpiteFuel release video for new single "Brick By Brick" (out April 12)


SpiteFuel CoverBefore releasing their second album Dreamworld Collapse on April 27th, heavy rockers SPITEFUEL are giving us a taste of their upcoming powerful, thrilling rock record by presenting us with a brand new video clip. 

Brick By Brick is a crunchy, captivating metal song and skillfully represents one of the albums numerous faces. Sick guitar riffs and a fiery drum beat meet post-apocalyptic sci-fi vibesSPITEFUEL know how to make a concept come to life. And they stick to this with the apocalyptic style and dark atmosphere of the thrilling performance video for the single. Brick by Brick will be available from April 12th.



This is what the band has to say about Brick By Brick:

"We selected 'Brick By Brick' as the first video from the album because it reflects all the facets of the SpiteFuel sound: melodies that sizzle in the ear canals, a double-guitar broadband cinema and intricate rhythms, but still managing to whip the song forward. A brief run through is not enough to capture the full range of the song. But that's exactly what SpiteFuel is: no commitment to - but always fond of the dictating genre boundaries. We were able to capture the post-apocalyptic flair very well for the video so that everything here works as it was in the sense of the inventor – well thought out and spiked with lots of little details to always find something new, even after the twentieth play.

Choosing a song that represents the album is an impossibility because every song on 'Dreamworld Collapse' is different but still 100% SpiteFuel. "There is no future - we're living in the NOW!" Because the future is what we all make out of it. And so that all does not end in a dystopian future, as it is on 'Dreamworld Collapse', let's first start to think about how we treat Mother Earth and nature ..."


SpiteFuel on tour:

April 21 GER Lauffen, Beerbangers Festival (CD release party, +Desaster +Stallion)
May 18 GER Mörlenbach-Weiher, Live Music Hall (+Leatherwolf)
May 19 GER Balingen, Sonnenkeller (+Souldrinker)
May 26 GER Adelsheim, Live Factory ( +Odium)
July 31 GER Mannheim, MS Complex (+Night Demon)
August 04 GER Regensburg Metal United Festival Open Air (+Brainstorm)
September 22 GER Winnenden (+Battle Beast +Winterstorm)
October 06 GER Giessen, Metal Crash Festival (+D.A.D.)
October 20 GER Willanzheim (Würzburg)
November 03 GER Bad Friedrichshall, Rockfabrik