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SPITEFUEL: "Dreamworld Collapse" is here!


German heavy rockers Spitefuel release their second studio record, the pure-blooded concept album Dreamworld Collapse today! 

The dystopian sci-fi story is told by crunchy hard rock sounds that assemble with epic orchestral arrangements. All that creates a captivating mixture of various musical influences which altogether add up to 100% Spitefuel. With long tracks and the four-part song Dreamworld Collapse Suite the band around frontman and vocalist Stefan Zörner presents a profound emotional project. Listening to the whole record takes you on a post-apocalyptic journey into a possible future world. Dreamworld Collapse was brought to life to open people's eyes and make everyone realize: We create the future by today’s decisions.


This is the tracklist for Dreamworld Collapse: 

1. Prologue: 8389 A.D.
2. Brick By Brick
3. The Secret
4. Ouverture: Inside The Sphere
5. Dreamworld Collapse, Pt. I
6. Interlude: The Funeral Of Youth
7. Dreamworld Collapse, Pt. II
8. Iconic Failure
9. Under Fire
10. Brilliant White Lies
Pt. I: What we’ve Chosen
Pt. II: The Raging Quiet
Pt. III: Deconstructing a
Falling Star
11. Grave New World
Pt. I: They Shall Have Stars
Pt. II: Dreamworld Revisited
12. Epilogue: 8427 A.D.