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SpiteFuel: Pre-order start + album teaser revealed, new single coming


The Future Is Now.

Pre-orders for SpiteFuel's Dreamworld Collapse science fiction metal album start today and here is the LINK to open the gateway to the year 8339. Be sure to be one of the first travellers to reach the right point in time to get one of the hand-signed versions. Or just wait until its official release on April 27th and buy it from the dealer of your choice.

SpiteFuel singer Stefan Zörner about the album: “With each additional day in the studio, we realized that we were creating something big, that we were pushing the barrier towards a more narrative approach with our underlying Scifi story while keeping as much sheer heavy metal power as possible. Nothing happens by chance on this album. It was important for us to create an authentic feeling and true emotions through real drums, real flutes, real analogue synths, real piano – Real Heavy Metal, yet also a ton of fodder for your mental cinema!”

Witness for yourself with the official album teaser below. Or beam ahead to download the 1st single Brick by Brick, which will be available from April 12th.


When you arrive back to the present – check out SpiteFuel performing LIVE in person:

March 18 – GER – Mise Open Air (warm up show)
April 21 – GER – Lauffen, Beerbangers Festival (CD release party, +Desaster +Stallion)
May 18 – GER – Mörlenbach-Weiher, Live Music Hall (+Leatherwolf)
May 19 – GER – Balingen, Sonnenkeller (+Souldrinker)
May 26 – GER – Adelsheim, Live Factory ( +Odium)
July 31 – GER – Mannheim, MS Complex (+Night Demon)
August 04 – GER – Regensburg Metal United Festival Open Air (+Brainstorm)
September 22 – GER – Winnenden (+Battle Beast +Winterstorm)
October 06 – GER – Giessen, Metal Crash Festival (+D.A.D.)
October 20 – GER – Willanzheim (Würzburg)
November 03 – GER – Bad Friedrichshall, Rockfabrik