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20th Century Man

Gibonni - "20th Century Man"

ALBUM TITLE: 20th Century Man




ARTIST: Gibonni

COUNTRY: Croatia


Zlatan “GIBONNI “ Stipisic – Gesang

Croatian singer and songwriter GIBONNI lives one of most fascinanting musical careers in south eastern Europe. In the last ten years, five of his albums went straight in the top ten list in this region. Right in time to celebrate the accession of Croatia into the European Union, he releases his first english-speaking album “20th Century Man”.

He was born on the 13th of August 1968 in Split, Croatia as the son of the deceased Klapa music legend Ljubo Stipisic, so from begin on, he had the musical qualities in his genes. In 1985 GIBONNI formed the Croatian heavy metal band Osmi Putnik (Eighth Passenger), before he made a break in 1991, deciding to launch a solo career. His music evolved into a modern rock / pop blend with an organic twist and soon he became a megastar in the Balkan region.

Today, GIBONNI’s live performances are notable for the warm and intimate atmosphere he creates, whether he plays in small bars, or cavernous football stadiums – audiences are rewarded with the same treatment. Already four records of his solo-carreer were the best-selling records of the year in Croatia. In 2010 he won the "Porins" - award as "Artist Of The Year", which is the Croatian equivalent to the "Grammy".

GIBONNI regularly undertakes a wide range of humanitarian projects, perhaps the most high profile of which, is his role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Croatia. He’s taken part in successful benefit concerts in support of disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese tsunami and the Rwandan conflict. With the release of "20th Century Man" on the 28th of June, the rest of Europe will fall for the charms of the Croatian. On June 23rd, there will be a big showcase in Berlin organised by the Croatian embassy with GIBONNI, celebrating the accession. and his album release!

Gibonni cover art


01. Hey Crow
02. Hide The Mirror
03. Broken Finger
04. My Cloud
05. 20th Century Man
06. Kids In Uniform
07. My Brother Cain
08. She Said
09. Nothing Changes
10. Ain’t Bad Enough For R’n’R