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Striker unveiling brand new video for their smash hit “Former Glory”


Our favorite shredders of STRIKER just released a brand new video for their song Former Glory on Youtube. Their heavy metal machine is here to take you back to the glorious eighties, so put on your helmet, mouthguard and jump right in! You will not regret the journey.

Six months after the release of their critically-acclaimed self-titled album, Striker are back at the top of their game with a brand new video for its opening track Former Glory! And the kickass result perfectly reflects the message conveyed by the song: going at it full speed in a better shape than ever.

Striker is about to embark on a one-month North American tour with Dark Tranquillity and Warbringer starting early September. The band will play Europe again next year with a new album to present to their fans. There is no room for doubt anymore: Striker is living for the future!

The Striker” album was released through SAOL/Record Breaking Records on February 24th, 2017. Please find more info here and here