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Notlösung Kopfschuss

Zanthropya Ex - "Notlösung Kopfschuss"

ALBUM TITLE: Notlösung Kopfschuss

GENRE: Death Metal



ARTIST: Zanthropya EX

COUNTRY: Germany


Schinder Papst – Vocals
JenZo – Guitar
Crox – Guitar
Lörk – Drums
Arez – Bass

Zanthropya Ex, founded in the year 2007 by the 2 brothers, Schinder Papst and JenZo, as well as M. Salazar. All from the town Trossingen, in southern Germany´s music high school town.

Very quick other Metal musicians from the region joined in. The idea was the beginning, the making the voyage and the end is far out of site. Misanthropic Metal, as they titel them selves. That is how they began to find their way in the Metal scene. Giving disgusting human doings a psychotic picture.At the beginning of 2008 they recorded the first demo CD „ Apathisch der Sonne entgegen“ as well as 2009 the promotion CD „Seuchenherr“. The band see these as a disappointment. But the band is offert various concerts. They shared the stage of the Legacy Festival 2009 with bands like Torture Killer, Graveworm, Eluveitie, Sodom, Behemoth, Arch Enemy and a lot more. At the Baden in Blut- Festival 2010 they played with Dark Age, Debauchery, Dew -Scented, Neaera, Excremotory Grindfuckers. Although this was so far their biggest success, they shared smaler stages with Deadborn, Fleshcrawl, Imperium Dekadenz, Downspirit, Timeles Rage and many more.

Working closly with „Metal Artworks” Zanthropya EX allways presents it self in the hight professionell way of Artwork. With Connie Andreszka „ Mystic Prophecy“ they recorded their first LP-CD „Notlösung Kopfschuss“. Trough his Professionell help and experiance, they found their musical line. This lies with in the Death-Thrash- Metal and the German Vocals all around the Bandleader Schinder Papst.„Notlösung Kopfschuss“ is the projectile in our personell russian rollette and the first soil in our musical self accomplishment. The Misanthropic Gard inspired Zanthropya EX into their prophetic way, lead by „suicide for selfprotection“. Even if we are called by society as decadent, the only decadence lies with in the blind sociaty it self.

Zanthropya EX cover art


1. Misantrophische Garde
2. Deine Welt
3. Blutbad
4. Epos Null
5. Endzeit
6. Dämon Meiner Selbst
7. Nachtschwärmer
8. Sternenfeuer
9. Kranker Wichser
10. Offenbarung