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Hei’An present new video single "can’t get out of my skin" + Raja Meissner drum cover


More emotionally powerful post-progessive metal from Slovenia

After the two successful and well received singles inferno and in the cold it’s time to hear more tunes from the progressive, Slovenian metal quartet Hei’An – their third single can’t get out of my skin is a dreamy combination of gracefully captured clean vocals and solidly put-together-screams. The simplicity in the cinematically melodic sound is mesmerizing as the band is delivering their flawless instrumentals.
The video for can’t get out of my skin is full of beautiful misty effects and the well established display of despair in the execution of the vocals gives you the chills: The song’s important message is represented with vigorous screams and huge-sounding choruses, which the band describes as their heaviest segment on the album with metalcore-esque breakdowns. Lead singer Matic Blagonič explains the story behind can’t get out of my skin more closely: “(It’s) a very emotional song about battling with addiction – addiction to being around the wrong kinds of people, addiction to partying, addiction to alcohol. And about trying to be better, but failing time and time again, until finally starting to succeed.”

The song can’t get out of my skin is the 4th track and the 3rd single off Hei’An’s upcoming album imago. The concept album (set to be released on November 25th, 2022) depicts a journey through a man’s inner hell and the challenge of overcoming personal demons and trauma. Touching on vile, yet sadly all too common topics such as toxic relationships, depression, loss or addiction, imago directs the listener through multiple circles of torment and tribulations – on a road to reemerging with a positive, reflected pattern.

To get the fans even more excited, Raja Meissner, the woman behind drums, known for her spectacular covers of popular metal songs – with 539k followers on Instagram alone – has just shared a drum cover of can’t get out of my skin. She sets the song into another, new perspective and gives it her very own creative touch that her fans love so much. Make sure to check out what the woman has created.

@rajameissner Anzeige | Can‘t get out of my skin @heianofficial ???? I'm always looking for new bands & I am very excited about! Check them out babes! ???????????? #metal#drumcover#fy#fyp#fürdich#viral#heian#music#musician#femaledrummer#drummergirl ♬ Can't Get out of My Skin - Hei'An
Youtube: https://youtube.com/shorts/7YIUzYpxEkg?feature=share


imago by Hei’An will be out via SAOL on November 25th, 2022.