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Stray Train release lyric video for new single ‘Days Gone‘


Slovenian media named the band STRAY TRAIN a “blues rock machine”. And how right they were ‘cos this train ain’t slowin’ down!

Days Gone is about missing chances in life ... something that Stray Train is committed not to do! That’s why in spring of 2017, months before the release of their second album, the band announced a new tour, named Stray Train II, Blues From Hell, which was initiated at music festivals in Slovenia, followed by their performances on European festivals (Resurrection Fest-Spain, Weigendorfer Open air - Germany) and concluded in the famous Slovenian festival valley, in Tolmin on the MotörCity blues rock festival.

So here comes the train. It won't slow down for you, so you've gotta run and jump on. Check the Days Gone lyric video to bring you up to speed:

Stray Train’s second album Blues From Hell will be released November 24th, 2017 through Dallas Records for Balkan territory and through SAOL/H’art for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The album was mixed by eminent Ronald Prent, who has already participated in mixing albums of bands like Depeche Mode, Rammstein or Queensryche. It was recorded at Wiseloord Studios in the Netherlands, the place where Queen, U2, Depeche Mode and many others recorded their albums as well. Blues From Hell will contain 12 fresh compositions, with a specific and distinctive blend of blues and rock in English language. The album will be released on CD and double vinyl.