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Check out THE TIP rocking and rolling in the studio to the sound of their hit song “Can You Smell the Money”!


Welcome back to rock n’ roll heaven, folks!

In order to celebrate in style the German release of their latest album “Sailor’s Grave”, the drunken Nashvillians of The Tip entered the studio to catch on tape in a live setting the masterful musicianship and electric energy they are well-known for displaying every time they hit the stage.


Watch the first out of three videos they made there NOW (and don’t worry, the other ones are coming soon!):





Well, we’ll be damned if this isn’t 100% raw and high-octane rock n’ roll! And that’s what The Tip’s second red-hot album “Sailor’s Grave” is all about. So don’t forget to pick your copy when it hits the German stores on September 29th.


We here at CMM promise it’s gonna “get you high”!