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BRUNHILDE release "The House Of The Rising Sun"


The "Christmas Single" is out on December 17th, supported by the "Initiative Musik"!


Germany's rock rocket ignites the next stage! Four weeks after the release of their single Friendly Fire, BRUNHILDE are already shooting the next hit into orbit with a special cover version of the world-famous song The House Of The Rising Sun on December 17th!
"I've always liked the song. Especially because of its chord changes. It was also the first song I could play on guitar," reveals singer Caro. "Apart from that stupid F chord, which has always been so difficult for me."
The re-recording of the evergreen instead turned out to be quite easy in the band's own Streetlife Studio (produced by mastermind Charlie Bauerfeind).
"We gave the song a slightly punky touch, with a really great middle section that deviates strongly from the original. As a result, our House Of The Rising Sun doesn't sound as melancholic as the original version."

Whereby the exact originator of this English folk song, whose origins go back to the Middle Ages, is not exactly discernible. A fact is that The Animals made the song a hit in 1964. It is also a fact that The House Of The Rising Sun has been covered many times since then, among others by country legend Dolly Parton and the US metal band Five Finger Death Punch. Now Brunhilde's latest version will be released on 17th of December - as a Christmas single, so to speak. "We're also releasing the single as a little Christmas goodie for our fans," says Caro. "I hope they'll be happy. In terms of content, of course, the song has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas," Caro explains. "Because the story that is told here is quite sad. There are a lot of assumptions about what this House Of The Rising Sun is supposed to be - from a dive to a brothel to a psychiatric clinic, you can find everything there."

BRUNHILDE is once again supported by the Initiative Musik! Caro: "We are heartily grateful to the Initiative Musik; they helped me to finally cover my favourite song! And: I've always wanted to play this song live, too!"
The dream will soon come true. You can see and hear it at the upcoming BRUNHILDE live gigs. On Dember 29th, 2021 as guests of Motörizer in Hamburg. And then as headliners at the two shows on January 15th, 2022 in Hamburg (Headcrash) and January 16th, 2022 in Cologne (Blue Shell).





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