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Freak Inside

Cripper - "Freak Inside"

ALBUM TITLE: Freak Inside

GENRE: Thrash Metal




ARTIST: Cripper

COUNTRY: Germany

CRIPPER - this name stands for a thrash-oriented project from Hanover / Germany.

Catchy grooves and musical diversification do not leave any desire unfulfilled. The balance between fast blasts, asskicking moshparts, aggressive shouts, tricky guitar riffs and vivid solo parts result in a felicitous final impact. Thereby Cripper combine old school thrash, melodic death and wide-ranging song structures achieving an explosive mixture. After the demo EP “Killer Escort Service” (2006) the band recorded their debut album “Freak Inside” in 2007 and distributed it themselves.

Soon after CRIPPER won the Queens Of Metal and Battle Of Metal contests and played several national and international festivals, like Metalcamp, Way Of Darkness, Rockmania and Winterbreath. On 17th October 2008, an extended remake of the album “Freak Inside” will be released through the SAOL service of the cmm GmbH and Europe-wide distributor H’Art Music. The cosmos will be widened and the ‘freak’ will scent the air of the wide world. CRIPPER are ready to take the next step in their success story.


Cripper cover art


01. Shortcut
02. Sun; Colour: Black
03. Fire Walk With Me
04. 60bpm
05. Vicious Condition
06. Strike The Force
07. Masquerade
08. Attention Deficit
09. Slowly Beaten Hate Machine
10. Break Out
11. Trapped
12. Kill My Thirst
13. Black Terra [Bonus]
14. Shortcut [Videoclip]