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STRIKER win JUNO Awards + Canada Day with OSYRON


Canada Day: Celebrate with OSYRON’s metal version of O Canada / STRIKER win prestigious JUNO Awards for “Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year”

There are two angles on how to celebrate Canada Day this year as a music lover: Have some booze, refine it with maple sirup, have fun and be excellent to each other. Or, if you are a Canadian artist, win the 49th JUNO Awards, preferably in the metal category, as just happened to lucky maniacs STRIKER. Here’s the band’s immediate shoutout to the fans and jurors after winning the “Canadian Grammy” with their recent album Play To Win: “Thank you so much everyone! We are so grateful to win the Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year at the 2020 The JUNO Awards!! Congratulations to all the other nominees KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, The Agonist, Lindsay Schoolcraft, SMWorldwide. We're gonna post a lot more about this over the next few days and weeks but for now it's beer time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”


More good news: STRIKER also announced first tour dates for 2021 in the UK (March 11 - 14) and Spain (August 4-8) and can’t wait to see fans and friends all over the world again.

Fellow Albertans OSYRON are celebrating Canada Day today – and one week shy of releasing their new record Foundations (out July 10th) – with a sweet metal video banter on the back of the bands’ national anthem O Canada that’s clearly driven by booze, maple sirup, friendship and a truckload of fun:

The music video is served with the announcement of a special surprise for the fans planned for the release day of Foundations, so watch out or have a look here: https://orcd.co/foundations

Virus or no virus, it’s good to see that positive things are still happening on many ends and that – in times of physical distancing – we’re not distancing socially in the universal, global brotherhood of metalheads that makes our scene so strong and reassuring. Here’s OSYRON’s unsurprising reaction to STRIKER getting what they deserve:  “Great work from our brothers in Striker for taking home the JUNO for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year! They're getting the recognition they deserve for all their blood, sweat and tears, and shining a spotlight on some of the fantastic metal coming out of Western Canada!”

Osyron online:

Album Pre-Order: https://orcd.co/foundations


Striker online: