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Edge Of Thorns

Savatage - "Edge Of Thorns"

ALBUM TITLE: Edge Of Thorns

GENRE: Heavy Metal

LABEL: earMusic


ARTIST: Savatage


Savatage  disregarded the norms how Heavy Metal should sound like in many ways.  It’s the same thing with their eighth album “Edge Of Thorns” from 1993 which is called one of the best Heavy Metal albums ever. In fact, it is more direct and harder than its two predecessors “Streets” and “Gutter Ballet” but includes many piano elements, moving texts and vocals causing goose bumps which gives the album a wonderful and unique mix of hardness and feeling.

This classic will now be released as a digipak including the original booklet. As an extra this album contains two bonus tracks as well as an exclusive and personal quote of Jon Oliva he only wrote for this edition.

earMUSIC is going to release the whole back catalogue of Savatage within this year and bring a mile stone of metal back to the fans!

As a very special bonus all the 14 albums aligned in a row result in the Savatage logo on the side. A must have in every CD shelf.



01. Edge Of Thorns
02. He Carves His Stone
03. Lights Out
04. Skraggy’s Tomb
05. Labyrinths
06. Follow Me
07. Exit Music
08. Degrees Of Sanity
09. Conversation Piece
10. All That I Bleed
11. Damien
12. Miles Away
13. Sleep
14. All That I Bleed (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)
15. If I Go Away (acoustic version) (Bonus Track)