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Ghost In The Ruins (Ltd.2 Gtf/Marbled)

Savatage - "Ghost In The Ruins (Ltd.2 Gtf/Marbled)"

ALBUM TITLE: Ghost In The Ruins (Ltd.2 Gtf/Marbled)

GENRE: Heavy Metal


LABEL: Ear Music/Edel


ARTIST: Savatage



Bass – Johnny Lee Middleton
Drums – Steve Wacholz
Guitar – Chris Caffery, Criss Oliva
Vocals, Keyboards – Jon Oliva

A tribute to Criss Oliva: SAVATAGE bring back their iconic Ghost In The Ruins live album as a heavyweight DOUBLE LP REISSUE!
For the first time as Official Limited Vinyl Edition in stores October 27th!

During the past two years, earMUSIC has given SAVATAGE fans and metal collectors a true treasure: the greatly desired, elegant LP reissue series of all studio albums. These carefully curated collector’s editions of high-quality, heavyweight 12” LPs – all released in chronological order and enriched with gorgeous gatefold covers, extensive liner notes and other nifty extras – quickly turned out to become real fan favorites.

Now it’s time to put the icing on the cake with a memoir to an exceptional man, held dearly by fans, family and fellow musicians alike – Criss Oliva: The band’s 1995 live album and tribute Ghost In The Ruins has found its way into this classy collection.

SAVATAGE concerts have always been about an energetic atmosphere, the gathering of like-minded lovers of groundbreaking music and the finesse in the band’s presentation. The shows equaled sonic adventures filled with stories of faith, hope, rage and madness, executed by insane talent. To take the listener on a journey through unforgettable moments from the years 1987 to 1990, eleven songs and two instrumentals have been carefully selected for Ghost In The Ruins, depicting four albums and their respective tours.
There are many guitar players who can play all the riffs – but there are very few that come out and actually shape a distinct sound to such an extent that it becomes a milestone in the evolution of a musical genre. Criss Oliva was such a musician. To honor the legacy of Criss and his unmistakably unique work, SAVATAGE now present the reissue of Ghost In The Ruins for the first time as LP format. As the fans know, this album displays all the grace, emotion and poetry of Criss’ most memorable solos. It comes from the hearts of the two brothers Criss and Jon Oliva. As Jon reflects on his brother's work: “I think deep down inside, it bothered him that he wasn’t getting the recognition that a lot of people think he deserved, but he would just go, ‘Whatever. I’ll have my day.’ But he was a great man – a one-of-a-kind guitar player. I wonder what he would be like now.”
The magic of SAVATAGE history will be celebrated on October 27th and for the first time as a Limited LP Edition. The marbled orange/black vinyl comes as a heavyweight 2-LP in a beautifully designed gatefold cover with black lined inner sleeves. The time capsule, which is ready for pre-order right now, also includes a high-quality 12-page LP-booklet with liner notes, and a ton of memorable pictures.


01 City Beneath The Surface (live)
02 24 Hours Ago (live)
03 Legions (live)
04 Strange Wings (live)
05 Gutter Ballet (live)
06 When The Crowds Are Gone (live)
07 Of Rage And War (live)
08 The Dungeons Are Calling (live)
09 Sirens (live)
10 Hounds (live)
11 Criss Intro (live)
12 Hall Of The Mountain King (live)
13 Post Script (live)