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Sounds from the history book of blood


PAINFUL present final album single Reign of Terror including (lyric) video 

PAINFUL introduce a third and final single from the dark abysses of humanity before the imminent release of their concept album Nefarious Monarchy. As we are used to from the black/death metallers, the record, which will be released in the 20th year of the band's own history (more precisely: on May 25, 2024), provides a closed narrative framework. The four take on the role of observers without the filter of religious or political ideology, and this time present us with the gruesome events in between the lines of the French Revolution chapters in our history books.
The new single Reign of Terror is dedicated to La Terreur, the period from fall 1793 to spring 1794, during which the Jacobins around Robespierre were able to torture and execute up to 40,000 people by decree of the Convention. In the song, PAINFUL deal with a revolutionary phase in which bloody cruelty clashed so blindly and destructively with the zeitgeist of the Enlightenment that to this day we meet fundamental changes with a warning that originated from that time: The revolution eats its children.
The new single Reign of Terror presents itself quite appropriately as a morbid, slurping mid-tempo roller with a slightly psychedelic intro. Raise the curtain for the dark groove:

PAINFUL explain their approach to addressing this bloodbath – which also represented a key milestone in the revolution – in musical terms as follows: "At that particular point in the French Revolution, murder and chaos reigned as everyone slaughtered everyone else – regardless of whether they were once allies or not! We tried to portray this ambivalence by using words with opposing connotations such as ‘freedom’ and ‘terror’ or ‘horror’ and ‘truth’. The whole song is also made up of different parts and rhythms. The heaviness and the swirl of lightness are reflected in contrasting heavy guitars, pounding drums and bouncing orchestras."

With the three recently released singles Liberty (Dies), Remaining Shadows and Reign of Terror, that move between frenzy, opulence and a morbid groove, PAINFUL now have a wide-ranging foretaste of the upcoming album in store. Nefarious Monarchy will be released this spring – on May 25th – and can of course already be pre-ordered physically.

A pre-save of the album on all relevant platforms is available here: https://orcd.co/painful. Everyone eager to celebrate both the band's 20th anniversary and the new album live will head to CRASH in Freiburg (Germany) on May 25 to get the full blast.

"Citizens, it is to be feared that the Revolution, like Saturn, will gradually devour all its children and in the end give birth to despotism with all its mischief."

Pierre Vergniaud before his execution on October 31, 1793