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Empress reinforce their striking symphonical ascendency


New video The Fall of Kingdoms out now!

Empress’ debut album Fateweaver might be the very symphonic metal album of the current hour: With a striking force and uncompared dedication, the US-quintet has proven that dreamy arrangements, haunting vocals and pounding drums still deserve a standing within the American Metal Scene. After opening for Oceans of Slumber and a persuasive performance at Mad With Power Fest on the release day of Fateweaver (August 19th), which gained a significant amount of positive feedback and new fans, the band now proudly presents their fourth video The Fall of Kingdoms. The footage, taken live at Mad With Power Festgives a promising foretaste of what is yet to expect from the up- and coming symphonic metal outlet: passionate, atmospheric live shows full of symphonical ascendency which captivate the band and the audience equally, creating a unique experience for everyone involved.

As the versatile song title suggests, there is a lot to unpack beneath the lyrical layers Empress have lined up throughout the song. The ongoing mythological theme undoubtedly holds the power of giving the listener a feeling of withdrawing from the boundaries of an ordinary life, allowing one to contemplate about oneself. It is also a way for the band to thank their audience for their massive support throughout the weeks after the release of their debut album Fateweaver

“Thank you, legion, for making our debut album release a success and for standing by us so early on, whether you saw us at our first show in ‘the before times’ or you just heard of us with the release of Fateweaver – we appreciate all of the support as we begin to make our mark on the Symphonic and Power Metal scene.”



With scene giants like Nightwish or Within Temptation dominating the festival stages worldwide, reinforcement is on the way – Empress, who describe their intricate and energetic sound as symphonic power metal, might have just begun spreading their work three years back in 2019, but have steadily gained recognition among insider circles for their unique blend of different styles. 

Building on Blackthorne’s powerful, versatile vocal abilities in seamless combination with Khavin’s composition skills, they manage to create a unique sonic world for listeners to explore, utilizing various vocal techniques, genre bending segues, and hard hitting riffs that force listeners to simply bow before Empress.

Thus, it isn’t a surprise that the Swedish producer Dan Swanö, renowned for his involvement with Heaven Shall Burn, Hypocrisy or Bloodbath was put in charge of mixing and mastering their first full-length album Fateweaver – carefully entwining musical universes that invite you to follow your imagination and brightest fantasies. Swanö himself has described Fateweaver by Empress as one of his “best mixes of melodic metal”.

Fateweaver by Empress is out now worldwide via SAOL. Get it here: https://orcd.co/empress_fateweaver