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Symphonic Tempters DREAM OCEAN Release 3rd Album Single Eterna Espera


Showing Dazzling, Intimate Approach to Songwriting This Time ‘Round!

Following their widely praised interpretation of Phantom Of The Opera, which sports a haunting duet between opera-proven lead singer Başak Ylva and no other than Tommy Johansson (SABATON, MAJESTICA) earlier this month, DREAM OCEAN are back with yet another piece of symphonic excellence. Eterna Espera comes with a twist, though, showing the band branching their music ever so slightly away from its orchestrally playful roots towards a laid-back, earthy groove. Low tones are monumental in this one, laying down a rhythmic foundation that gallivants around the listener who gets swept up in a sinister, almost morbid kind of funeral march across barren lands. There is little here to get in the way of thoughts wandering and images passing, although subtle yet reliable cues of guidance cut through the darkness like god rays: a piano inviting the listener to rest, a soothingly gentle guitar solo brightening the horizon like the crest of a wave before it gets devoured again by black water, an organ swelling into an almost corporal presence like a tree to lean on.

And just like the distant moon that lights our path with its other-worldly shimmer, Başak’s unmistakable, rich voice dawns and ascends over the eerie scene, telling a story that raises the question: Does the real tragedy lie in the grievous pulse of its sadness or in its deadening ubiquity? This affliction is not a biblical one, it is the human condition that spares none who love; there are no martyrs here, only people suffering. DREAM OCEAN just happened to create the perfect song to help you push through – tears of relief included.

Your journey through Eterna Espera begins now, so don’t miss out on the brand new music video and make sure you put it on your heartbreak playlist today!

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