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CMM GMBH reloaded!


Months of planning, designing and developing are finally over and CMM GMBH has been successfully rebooted in several ways.

It's been a blast of a job, not only for us at CMM GMBH, but also for our long-time trusted friend and partner Christian Bröhenhorst (CrudeArt Design) and our buddies at Sloway, who hacked and coded the hell outta our truckload of ideas.

Here's to you mates – Thank you big time!!!

New corporate design, new website programmed from scratch to accommodate all sorts of crazy, SAOL finally fully integrated in cmm-marketing.com to have all our services under one roof – what's next?

We've still got some more ideas up our sleeves so watch out for further new sections and functions to appear here on cmm-marketing.com later in 2017, starting with an all-new Press Lounge for our highly regarded media partners this summer.

Of course you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and though we've put great effort in nicely cleaning the kitchen up after cooking, please let us know if you find any bugs or glitches – Thank you! Have fun browsin'! :-)

Let's say BYE BYE to the old website with a peek back:



Former CMM GMBH website (screenshot)