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Moran Magal Presents Video for Her New Single Empty World


... with Fan Support!

2020 has probably been one of the darkest recent years when it comes to the general atmosphere in our world. But sometimes it’s the heaviest of times that can also be a strong source of creativity and bring forth the most remarkable pieces of art. 

And it’s times like these when multitalented musicians like Israeli singer/songwriter Moran Magal, who has made a name for herself in the Folk Rock and Gothic Metal scene within the last few years, can (once more) prove their enormous talent when it comes to creating intense emotions throughout exceptional lyrics and music. It fits that she asked fans via social media to contribute to the beautiful video for her new single Empty World that now perfectly captures the theme and overall atmosphere of the emotional song.


The song and video impressively convey the pervasive feeling of loneliness in a  faced-paced surrounding that many of us will be able to relate to in times of physical distancing. Gentle, piano-based melodys, combined with Moran Magal’s familiar crystal-clear vocals, provide an atmospheric sound with the potential to create the feeling of hope and confidence many of us will long for in testing times like these; and it’s a feeling reminding us that we are not alone in what sometimes feels like an empty world.  

Empty World is now available on all digital platforms: https://orcd.co/emptyworld