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Trouble - "Unplugged"

ALBUM TITLE: Unplugged

GENRE: Doom Metal



ARTIST: Trouble


Anno 1984, Chicago: Five boys stepped into Black Sabbath’s footsteps without having the slightest idea which formative influence they would leave behind.

Their first two albums „Psalm 9“ and „The Skull“ were a manifestation: Vicious melodies, heavy riffs and an electrifying singer created the perfect mixture for timeless Doom songs par excellence, and this sort of music was at the same time role model for the following generation, and still bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride call these releases two of the most influencing ones in their life. Four albums and several tours later (with bands like Slayer, Motörhead and King Diamond), the band took some time off in 1995 and fans had to wait seven years for a reunion, when in 2002 the original line-up (only the bass guitarist was missing) decided to start a comeback.

In 2007 they released their first studio album after 12 years, “Simple Mind Condition“, which proves that the spirit of the old days is not gone. Yet before the change of singers, TROUBLE broke new grounds with Eric Wagner by putting well known classics like “Misery Shows Act II”, “Flowers”, “Rain” and “Requiem“ as well as two brand new previously unreleased songs into an acoustic sound. With this acoustic album TROUBLE shows that there is much more besides the hard way of music. Interesting and innovative material from one of the most influencial bands in US doom metal genre.

This album is entitled “Unplugged” and it will be released March 20 containing four previously unreleased songs from the band´s archive as a bonus. They have a top quality and originated from the 1992 recording sessions in California. This will give “Unplugged” a total of ten songs to complete it as a full length CD. This would also end the Eric era and set the table for the new line-up and a second release in May (“Live In L.A.”), featuring Kory Clarke as the new front-man for TROUBLE. These will be followed by a European tour and festival appearances in summer. A new TROUBLE studio album will be also recorded this year.

Trouble cover art


01. 7:00 AM
02. Rain
03. Flowers
04. Requiem
05. Smile
06. Misery
07. Mythic Hero (bonus)
08. Waiting For The Sun (bonus)
09. Fly (bonus)
10. Heartful Of Soul (bonus)