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Metal and Mariachi: FREE Virtual Festival from Vancouver’s Iconic Rickshaw Theatre!


Free Tickets Now Available

Summer has undeniably returned to the northern hemisphere, and boy do we need some warmth after this dark season of lockdown isolation. Hailing from Canada, metal authority The Mighty One sure know a thing or two about battling the cold, and so they’ve joined ranks with musicians who specialize in hot rhythms to bring you the MARIACHI & ROCK FESTIVAL. This FREE VIRTUAL FESTIVAL is a celebration of Vancouver’s diverse music scene to be streamed live in brilliant theater sound thanks to the cinematic heritage of the trend-setting cult venue, the Rickshaw Theatre.

Steeped in multicultural history itself, the theater was originally built and run under the name Shaw Theatre by the godfathers of Hong Kong cinema, the Shaw brothers, who were instrumental in the early seventies cultural revolution of Kung Fu movies such as Vengeance (報仇 Bàochóu, 1970) featuring legendary David Chiang. After the heyday of Hong Kong action, the venue went through a metamorphosis towards live music and continues to impress visitors. From Rage Against The Machine to Calexico: Metal and Mariachi have been resonating particularly well in this Canadian temple of culture. This makes it the perfect place for the unique streaming event which will prove once more that unlikely fusions of genres and cultures are a force to be reckoned with.

It’s not the first time that co-headliners The Mighty One and Mariachi Los Dorados, fellow Vancouverites and Canada’s premier mariachi ensemble, have ventured into multicultural musical territory together: Back in 2017, they opened for iconic Mexican rock band El Tri, and now the two powerhouses are back at it, bringing El Tri’s frontman Alex Lora along to merge the energies of powerful, distortion-laden guitars and soaring trumpets into a one-of-a-kind experience. Joined by Latinx blues rockers Tren Al Sur and presented by Alfonso “Poncho” de Anda, fans of The Mighty One will not want to miss this.

The MARIACHI & ROCK FESTIVAL is streaming live performances from Vancouver’s hi-fi grade Rickshaw Theatre June 26, 6:00pm PST | June 27, 3:00am CEST; tickets free!

Date: June 26, 6:00pm PST | June 27, 3:00am CEST
Get your free tickets here: https://sidedooraccess.com/shows/RjMS2NcyaIiwAjD74gxr


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