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Art rock outfit Nord releases stunning game-like video for the song “Play Restart”


The Croatian alternative/art rockers Nord are back with a brand new video for “Play Restart”, the title track of their debut album which was released in April by Geenger Records. 

For Mihael Prosen (Vocals/Bass), the writing of “Play Restart” was the genesis moment of what the band has since evolved into: “This is basically the first song we came up with as the Nord collective. It tells a story about a new beginning and it was somehow obvious that it would also be the title of our first album. It just made perfect sense from the very start.” So follow the lead! Now is the time for you to dive into what is the very heart of the Nord experience


In this video, Mihael can be seen struggling to survive in a video game setting switching from 2D platform to 3D first-person shooter action, among many other surprises. For its directors, the Croatian artists Ira Tomić & John Kardum (who were also behind the “Killing Me, Killing You” video), it was all about converting the concept they had in mind when listening to the song into an inspired video:

The process for creating this video was not easy, but our job is to gift music with a unique visual side. At least this is our perception of music – we have always imagined movies while listening to it. We realised a long time ago that we are not interested in only "getting the job done", so we are used to entering the fighting pit and getting covered in bruises.

Good pop music in Croatia is called "alternative" and many of us are deprived of the resources that should be rewarding our creative ideas and persistent efforts. But there is no surrender, no giving up, no excuses, no running away, no regrets, no remorse, and no shoulder padding... We believe in hard work and it makes us happy!

Here is the essence of what makes Nord such a special entity, capable of reinventing itself at will: a helping hand in times of trouble and an invitation to start again, to make up for your past mistakes and keep moving forward.

Don’t miss Nord headlining the “New Forces” stage at MetalDays on Monday, July 24th!

NORD band photo